If you go away

If you go away


Ewa Stankiewicz

2010, 1 h 55 min

Joanna is a journalist tired of competing and rushing for a career. She can’t recover from the death of her seriously ill mother. Joanna didn’t have the courage to enter an empty flat she left in the middle of a makeover so she spends the night in a youth hostel where soon she partly moves in. Getting more and more desperate, one evening she goes on town to look for a one night stand who will make her pregnant. Łukasz is a monk. For a few months, he has been replacing a friend in confessing terminally ill patients at a nearby hospital. Incapable of coping with pain, he goes through a faith crisis. Signs that he notices lead him to a woman he has never met – Joanna.

Directed by: Ewa Stankiewicz

Written by: Ewa Stankiewicz

Director of photography: Piotr Niemyjski

Music by: Tomasz Gwinciński

Production design by: Michał Hrisulidis

Sound: Erik Mischijew, Sebastian Schmidt, Michał Żarnecki

Editing: Robert Ciodyk

Costume design: Małgorzata Wodzyńska

Make-up: Olga Wiśniowska, Monika Wiśniowska

Production manager: Agnieszka Janowska, Jacek Nagłowski, Paweł Kosuń

Produced by: Centrala Sp. z o.o.

Producers: Agnieszka Janowska, Jacek Nagłowski

Co-produced by: Polish Film Institute, Polish Television – Film Agency, IFDF Odra Film, Filmkombinat, ZDF, Arte, Mitteldeutche Medienforderung

Executive producer: Centrala Sp.z o.o

Distribution: open

Actress in a leading role: Agnieszka Grochowska

Actor in a leading role: Wojciech Zieliński

Actresses in supporting roles: Grażyna Barszczewska, Monika Radziwon

Actors in supporting roles: Daniel Olbrychski, Albert Osik

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