Iron Cloud

Iron Cloud


Nikodem Wojciechowski

2014, 0 h 42 min

In an undefined future, in an Eastern coutry dictatorially ruled by a corrupt class of dignitaries, two brothers live. After the Younger is subjected to questioning and beaten, and the Older’s flat is vandalized, the situation becomes tense. In the last minute, the Younger manages to organise a flee to the neighbouring, technologically advanced, rich and free country. He sets off the one-way journey together with his older brother, his wife and daughter. The family manages to avoid the military and penetrate the closer border. Things get complicated during their migration through the buffer zone, when the immigrants are almost at their dream destination. The techno-cratic “West” will greet them with open arms and provide them with a shelter but not in the way they expected.

Written by: Nikodem Wojciechowski

Director of photography: Paweł Soja
Music by: 36
Production design by: Małgorzata Łukowicz, Barbara Ferlak, Błażej Wnuk, Maria Surzycka
Costume design by: Karolina Rostkowska
Make-up by: Ewa Rudkowska
Sound by: Mateusz Nowicki, Michał Fojcik, Michał Marzetz
Cast: Mateusz Mirek, Rafał Szumski, Maja Roehlich, Diana Jędrzejewska, Grzegorz Kliś, Maciej Słota
Producer: Lunatico
Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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