Just like before the war

The film was inspired by the observations of a social situation in the area of a closed coal mine “Dębieńsko”. It’s a record of a one day from the life of three “overhauled” coal miners and security guards who keep an eye on the post-mining remains. The three former miners have to provide for their families so they plan to steal a useless electric cord. But the guards catch them trying to cut a piece. One of the miners is beaten up and loses his bike in a pursuit. The miners decide to fight back and soon the guards lose a company car and their job. They join the “company” of miners widening the circle of the unemployed.

Written by: Eugeniusz Kluczniok
Director of photography: Mirosław Ropiak
Music by: Eugeniusz Kluczniok
Editing: Mirosław Ropiak
Cast: Grzegorz Stasiak, Eugeniusz Kluczniok, Piotr Mitko, Jarosław Frątczak, Andrzej Kubasa, Aleksandra Harazim, Hanna Korbel
Produced by: Klub Filmu Niezależnego Rybnik-Chwałowice

Konkurs Główny
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