Klingert’s Diving Suit

Klingert’s Diving Suit


Artur Wyrzykowski

2021, 0 h 20 min

6-year-old Bi is afraid of water ever since her younger brother drowned in a flood. Her father, Karl Klingert, devoted himself to designing the first diving suit in the world. Bi thinks that the suit is a monster manipulating her dad. With the help of Peter, a young rascal from the riverside, she wants to destroy the invention before the whole family moves out of Wrocław forever.

The film is a directing debut.

directed by: Artur Wykrzykowski

written by: Agata Koschmieder, Anna Stańko, Artur Wyrzykowski

director of photography: Marcin Podolec, Kacper Zamarło

music: Łukasz Mrozik

sound: Kuba Pietrzak

edited by: Maciej Gajewski

casting by: Studio Juice

cast: Antonina Krylik, Marcin Dorociński, Anna Gajewska, Tymon Krylik

production: Bold Humans

producer: Artur Wyrzykowski

co-produced by: Yellow Tapir Films, Juice, Centrum Technik Audiowizualnych, Dolnośląskie Centrum Filmowe, Eesti Joonisfilm, Muzeum Nurkowania

production manager: Artur Wyrzykowski

co-financed by: Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Ministerstwo Kultury Estonii

distributed by: Momakin

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition

Movie - Festival Programme

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