Layer Cake

Layer Cake


Andrzej Wajda

1968, 0 h 35 min
The racing duo of the Fox brothers has a serious accident. A complicated transplantation procedure seems to be the only solution. Despite its success, the new medical technology appears to be troublesome for the patient. Especially when the procedure needs to be repeated after the next accidents… Probably the greatest achievement of Polish science-fiction film. A truly explosive combination of a brilliant team with Wajda, Zdort, Lem (as a screenwriter!) and outstanding cast with incredible Bogumił Kobiela in the lead. Stanisław Lem considered this surprising camp-like film directed by the master of Polish cinematography to be the best adaptation of his fiction.

Written by: Stanisław Lem
Cast: Bogumił Kobiela, Ryszard Filipski, Anna Prucnal, Jerzy Zelnik, Piotr Wysocki, Tadeusz Pluciński, Gerard Wilk

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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