Look at Me


Katarzyna Jungowska

2011, 0 h 30 min

An intriguing and well-constructed story about the search for feelings in the contemporary world of humdrum existence and temptations. Seemingly, a hard working doctor, a single mother, and a happy couple on a romantic trip are very different from each other. Almost till the end, just like in a detective story, viewers cannot see any relation between them. Yet, their fates intertwine in an irreversible way. Someone cheats, someone blackmails, someone leaves, and all that happens just because we want love.

Written by: Katarzyna Jungowska
Polish Title: Popatrz na mnie
Cinematography: Karol Stadnik
Music: Paweł Mykietyn
Production Design by: Izabela Cieszko
Sound: Błażej Kafarski
Film Editing: Michał Biliński
Costume Design by: Tomasz Ossoliński
Make-up: Natalia Niedziela
Production Manager: Aleksandra Bielska
Produced by: SFP – Studio Munka
Producers: Jacek Bromski, Dariusz Gajewski, Ewa Jastrzębska, SFP/Studio Munka
Co-produced by: TVP S.A., Stories Production Grażyna Szapałowska
Distribution: SFP – Studio Munka
Country & Year of Productioni: Poland 2011
Main Male Part: Maciej Stuhr
Main Female Part: Justyna Grzybek
Length: 30 min.

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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