Cyrk Shuty

2005, 1 h 7 min

Four men drive a car through desolate areas of Subcarpathia. They move straight forward in an unknown direction. The surrounding reality soon takes shapes of disturbing and haunting visions. How to tell between a dream and the truth? Nothing is clear in the film. It’s the audience whose task is to order the plot into a complete whole.

Written by: Cyrk Shuty
Director of photography: Bartosz Cichoński
Music by: Bordo, Rzeźnicki, Christine 23 Onna
Production design by: Cyrk Shuty
Editing: Bartosz Cichoński
Sound: Justyna Pawlik, Kuba Tondera, Bartosz Cichoński
Cast: Nina, Suchy, Lechu, Emeryt, Alek, Marian, Basia, Shuty
Produced by: Cyrk Shuty
Producer: Aleksander Gallos

Main Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe