Million dollars

Million dollars


Janusz Kondratiuk

2010, 1 h 47 min

Bożena (Kinga Preis), a little clerk at a big bank, believes that only those who spend are really alive. Her problem is a constant lack of money. After a day in a modern, sumptuous building, Bożena comes back home to a ruined tenement she shares with weird losers. Nobody respects anyone here, nobody believes anyone and everybody is struggling to survive the next day. As the only available expert in banking (so as a clever person), Bożena gives her neighbors various advices in the field of administration and finances. One day, she gets her chance. Bożena’s neighbor Mrs. Marysia, who lives alone, receives a message that her husband, who emigrated to the USA twenty years ago, has just died leaving her million dollars.

Directed by: Janusz Kondratiuk

Written by: Janusz Kondratiuk, Dominik Wieczorkowski-Rettinger

Director of photography: Piotr Lenar

Music by: Leszek Możdżer

Production design by: Marek Zawierucha

Sound: Piotr Podgórski

Editing: Marcin “Kot” Bastkowski

Costume design by: Katarzyna Morawska

Make-up: Iwona Karpińska, Anna Dowhań

Production manager: Marek Bączyk

Produced by: Profilm Agencja Filmowa

Producer: Krzysztof Bałajewicz, Magdalena Kosmus

Distribution: Syrena Films

World sales: Syrena Films

Actress in a leading role: Kinga Preis

Actor in a leading role: Jakub Gierszał

Actresses in supporting roles: Joanna Kulig, Hanna Konarowska

Actors in supporting roles: Tomasz Karolak, Jiri Pomeje

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