Miracle in Krakow

Miracle in Krakow


Diana Groó

2004, 1 h 34 min

Piotr’s beloved grandmother Mancika is 86-year-old and lives in an old Jewish district of Budapest where she takes care of her grandson. Besides Piotr, she also loves books and looks for those that went missing from Krakow library during the war. One book is especially important. It belonged to a rabbi who resurrected people. The grandmother dies and Piotr moves to Krakow where the community of Kazimierz looks after him. The boy grows up and lives alone. He loves books just like his grandma. One day, he meets a girl from Budapest who owns the wondrous book they’ve been looking for the whole life. Piotr steals it. From that moment, he experiences miracles and even meets a rabbi who helps him contact the dead grandmother.

Written by: Diana Groó, Andras Szeker
Director of photography: Sandor Kardos
Music by: Daniel Kardos
Production design by: Ryszard Melliwa, Monika Esztan
Set decorator: Gabor Nagy, Istvan Bartfai
Costume design by: Jagna Janicka, Zsuzsa Balai
Editing: Agnes Mogor
Sound: Gyorgy Kovacs
Cast: Maciej Adamczyk (Piotr), Eszter Biro (Eszter), Itala Bekes (Mancika), Bartłomiej Świderski (Aurel), Stanisława Celińska (aunt Żura), Franciszek Pieczka (Lewi, rabbi), Jerzy Trela (Grzegorz Małgorz)
Production managers: Michał Szczerbic, Ildiko Kovacs
Produced by: Katapult Film, Studio Filmowe “Tor”, Cinema-Film
Executive producers: Gabor Garami, Iwona Ziułkowska-Okapiec
Producers: Krzysztof Zanussi, Ivan Angelusz, Iwona Ziułkowska-Okapiec, Gabor Garami
Distributed by: open
World sales: Cinema-Film

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