Mother Dear

Mother Dear


Zuzanna Sorówka

2020, 0 h 19 min

Marianna’s life is steady. She’s independent, has a good job and lives in a beautiful house. Her limited social needs are entirely satisfied by one close and much younger friend, Hela. It seems that nothing can take down the wall Marianna build around herself. But one day, she answers an unexpected phone call from someone who penetrates her reality uninvited. Marianna starts to realise that there’s no return to the well-organised life she’s built over the years. To regain peace, she will have to face her troubled past.

written byZuzanna Sorówka
director of photographyPaweł Grabarek
production designAnna Maćkowska
costume designPaulina Chmielewska
make-upMonika Adamik
soundJacek Hamela
edited byCezary Grzesiuk jr
castMałgorzata Foremniak
productionSzkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach
producerKrystyna Doktorowicz
executive producerEwa Krzemińska
production managersMarysia Puch, Matylda Jastrząb
co-financed byPolski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej
distributed bySzkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego Uniwersytetu Śląskiego w Katowicach

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