Mr. Samochodzik and the Secrets of Prague


Kazimierz Tarnas

1988, 1 h 29 min

Mr. Samochodzik’s car can not only drive, but also fly and become invisible. It’s fully computerised and even pays fines on its own. It’s also the car that Mr. Samochodzik drives to Prague lead by a clue to find the missing books, a painting and a half of a talizman. These artifacts allow to find the jewels of “the table of the covenant”. A long time ago, these items were hidden by three men: Rabin Lowe, Edward Kelley and Dawid Katz who took the information about their whereabouts to the grave. After numerous adventures, rather funny than dangerous, Mr. Samochodzik with the help of two adorable sisters form Prague and his fellow boys solves the puzzle. In the Prague underground, he he finds “the table of the convent” incrusted with the most valuable of jewels…

Directed by: Kazimierz Tarnas

Written by: Martin Bezouska, Dusan Kukal, Kazimierz Tarnas (based on the novel by Zbigniew Nienacki)

Director of photography: Tomasz Tarasin

Music by: Lech Brański

Production design by: Tadeusz Cielewicz, Jindrich Goetz

Costume design by: Milena Landov, Zofia Pruchnicka

Editing: Zbigniew Osiński

SOund: Jerzy Blaszyński

Cast: Marek Wysocki (Mr. Tomasz), Libuse Kapralova (Ludmiła), Jana Nagyova (Helena), Otokar Brousek jr. (Frantisek Skwarek), Leon Niemczyk (Bob Smith)

Production manager: Krzysztof Kierzkowski, Jan Syrovy

Produced by: ZPPF – Zespół “Profil”, Barrandov Studios

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