Tomasz Olejarczyk

2009, 0 h 20 min

Lonely, 17-year-old Ania (title Newbie) looks for an acceptance in a group of peers who like dangerous urban games. Her efforts make her undermine the sense of the moral code she lives by. Having nothing to lose, Ania invents a neck breaking game which makes the group think, especially its boss – Czarny. A surprising end opens for them a chance to get back to normality. The film is based on Anna Czajka’s short story “The Power of Word” and refers to the second Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.

Directed by: Tomasz Olejarczyk

Written by: Tomasz Olejarczyk

Director of photography: Radosław Ładczuk

Music by: Tomasz Stroynowski

Production design by: Agata Trojak, Karolina Hałatek

Sound: Tomasz Wieczorek

Editing: Tymek Wiskirski

Costume design by: Aleksandra Lewandowska

Make-up: Karolina Mamełka

Production manager: Konrad Wróblewski

Produced by: Institute for Promotion of Education – HARPOON FILMS Studio

Producer: Andrzej Mańkowski

Co-produced by: Wydawnictwo Pedagogiczne Operon, Telewizja Polska S.A (TVP Kultura)

Actress in a leading role: Justyna Wasilewska

Actor in a leading role: Marcin Korcz

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Konkurs Młodego Kina
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