Non Sono Pronto


Michał Grzybowski

NULL, 1 h 13 min

In Lodz starts a new acting agency opened by Michał, a graduate of Film Production. To the agency comes Agnieszka who dreams of a big role. Straying from bar to bar and leading pointless discussions, two screenwriters are looking for an idea. A young couple of actors – Marta and Przemek – try to sort out their private and professional life.

Directed by: Michał Grzybowski

Co-directed by: Bartosz Kowalczyk

Written by: Michał Grzybowski, Bartosz Kowalczyk

Director of photography: Robert Mleczko

Music by: Robert Ciodyk

Sound: Wojciech Adamiak

Editing: Piotr Budzowski, Anna Jadowska, Robert Ciodyk

Make-up: Anna Chaniecka

Production manager: Magdalena Nebelska

Produced by: ER-KA Agnieszka Dulęba-Kasza, Łódź

Producer: Agnieszka Dulęba-Kasza, Michał Grzybowski

Actress in a leading role: Agnieszka Dulęba – Kasza

Actor in a leading role: Michał Rolnicki

Length: 73 min.

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

Movie - Festival Programme

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