Nzara – Hunger

Nzara – Hunger


Klara Wojtkowska

2020, 1 h 30 min

An animated musical based on a Zimbabwean myth. In Great Zimbabwe, the Rozvi Empire attempts to steal the Moon from the sky because it looks like a plate. The country suffers a severe famine, but the Moon is a magical woman who wants to go down her own way

directed by: Klara Wojtkowska

written by: Klara Wojtkowska

illustration, animation: Justyna Rosa, Weronika Rosa

music: Klara Wojtkowska

sound: Maciej Kubera, Chris Umney

edited by: Justyna Rosa, Weronika Rosa

cast: Brian Briss Bareta, Ashline Mpofu, Klara Wojtkowska, Joseph Jaysome Marikano, Clive ‘Proverb’ Jonga

production: Mhondoro Dreams, Influun Animation Studio

co-financed by: Pro Helvetia Johannesburg

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition

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