One More End of the World

One More End of the World


Agnieszka Kot

2021, 0 h 35 min

Sixteen years after an explosion on the Sun that made the Earth deteriorate, outcast soldier Stefan wakes up under carpenter Herman’s roof in the middle of nowhere. He doesn’t know how he got there, but something tells him it’s the right place to start over. Is it still possible in the new reality? Or is solitude the only way to survive?

The film is a directing debut.

directed by: Agnieszka Kot

written by: Agnieszka Kot, Tomasz Kot

director of photography: Olaf Malinowski

music: Miuosh

production design: Ewa Mroczkowska

costume design: Agnieszka Kot

make-up: Ewa Drobiec

sound: Igor Kłaczyński

edited by: Piasek & Wójcik

cast: Malwina Brych, Tomasz Kot, Julian Świeżewski, Michał Wierzbicki

production: Dynamo Film

producer: Maciek Maciantowicz

co-produced by: Delapost, Meselofix Film

production managers: Julia Kubica, Krystyna Wałajtys-Łonisk

distributed by: Dynamo Film

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition

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