Only One Night

Only One Night


Dariusz Błaszczyk

2004, 0 h 33 min

Night in Warsaw. Ewa and Cykor leave a crazy party in the club both a bit tipsy. The girl provokes and flirts with the boy and he accepts the challenge for a ‘prize’. They end up in her apartment and it all looks like it’s leading to bed when it turns out it’s been just a game. Both of them wear masks and neither wants to take it off first. The situation gets more and more intriguing. Their meeting was supposed to end with a simple, easy sex. Nothing like it. The vibe of the night tears their masks off. It soon comes clear that they crave simple, honest feeling instead. But the bad end awaits them. A quiet story about young people who are lost in the modern world and afraid of expressing feelings hidden behind the mask of sarcasm.

Written by: Dariusz Błaszczyk
Director of photography: Jan Holoubek
Music by: Michał Fox Król
Production design by: Ewa Jakimowska
Costume design by: Anna Puchalska, Milka van der Milś
Make-up: Ewa Gil, Paweł Kaleta
Editing: Rafał Salata
Sound: Piotr Kokosiński
Cast: Milka van der Milś (Ewa), Jan Wieczorkowski (Cykor)
Production manager: Kama Kowalczyk
Produced by: Dariusz Błaszczyk, Agnieszka Mankiewicz, Zjednoczenie Artystów i Rzemieślników
Producers: Dariusz Błaszczyk, Agnieszka Mankiewicz
Distributed by: open

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