Paderewski. A Master Of Tones And A Statesman


Bohdan Rączkowski

2001, 0 h 30 min

A film portrait of Ignacy Paderewski – an eminent artist and politician who never stopped striving for the wellbeing of his nation. A prodigy schooled in Warsaw, Berlin and Vienna. His debut brought him the fame that only grew in London and New York. During World War I, Paderewski abandoned artistic career and took up social work organising many humanitarian actions and strengthening bonds between Poles living in the US. After a year as prime minister of a rebirthed Poland, he returned to music.

Bohdan Rączkowski screenwriter and director of documentaries closely collaborating with the TVP. His debut Powrót majora (1971) received a special mention at the Marine Film Festival in Szczecin.

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