Pars pro tot

Pars pro tot


Katarzyna Łęcka

2017, 0 h 30 min

After the death of his wife and his only son, Beksiński, an aging painter cuts himself off from the world and from people and attempts to exist in his empty flat. The only company he has in his horrific loneliness are the recordings of his loved ones which he watches during the sleepless nights. The witnesses to his struggles are the figures in his paintings, ‘gazing’ at him from every wall. He strives to return to a normal way of life. A health problem forces him to accept help from a young physiotherapist. She turns out to be as lonely as he is. The touch of the brush on a canvas and a body healed by touch are two sides of a process which gives both of them hope.

written by Katarzyna Łęcka, Paweł Dobrzycki
director of photography Tomasz Woźniczka, Witold Płóciennik
music Łukasz Pieprzyk
production design Paweł Dobrzycki
costiume design Kamila Zabłocka
make-up Izabela Magier
sound Wojciech Mularczyk
edited by Jacek Kloskowski, Leszek Starzyński
cast Jerzy Radziwiłowicz, Anna Grycewicz, Ewa Kania, Mirosława Krajewska
production Munk Studio Polish Filmmakers Association
co-produced by Wajda Studio, Coloroffon, Halo Productions
production manager Kinga Tulik
co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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