dir. , 0 h 58 min

On a luxurious cruise, Liza notices a woman whose face shakes her to the core and brings back memories. During World War II, Liza was a guard in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. She chose Marta, a proud and defiant Pole, as a helper. Irritated by the prisoner’s attitude, she decided to do whatever it takes to break her into a perfect slave. For years, Liza was certain that Marta, the only witness to her crimes, died in Auschwitz. Now she sees her victim in an unknown passenger.

directed by: Andrzej Munk, Witold Lesiewicz (completion of the film)

written by: Zofia Posmysz, Andrzej Munk

director of photography: Krzysztof Winiewicz

music: Tadeusz Baird

production design: Tadeusz Wybult

costume design: Wiesława Chojkowska

make-up: Teresa Tomaszewska, Mieczysław Pośmiechowicz

sound: Jerzy Szawłowski

edited by: Zofia Dwornik

cast: Aleksandra Śląska, Anna Ciepielewska, Jan Kreczmar, Marek Walczewski

production: Zespół Filmowy Kamera

production manager: Wilhelm Hollender

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition

Movie - Festival Programme

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