Eva Vila Purtí

2017, 1 h 31 min

A modern myth of Odysseus rich with still-relevant motifs of return, wait, loyalty to one’s roots and breaking with them. 95-year-old Carmen, a village seamstress, reunites with 58-year-old Ramon, her prodigal son who comes back home after years away. Set in a Catalan village of Santa Maria d’Olo, the film is a portrait of a local community at a key moment in their history – a referendum decisive for the future.

written by Pep Puig, Eva Vila Purtí
director of photography Julián Elizalde
music Juan Sánchez
costume design Roser Altes, Lurdes Purtí Sors
sound Amanda Villavieja, Eva Valiño, Radosław Ochnio
edited by Diana Toucedo, Eva Vila Purtí
image post-production Fixafilm, Andrzej Łucjanek
cast Carme Tarté Vilardell, Ramon Clotet Sala, Josep Vila Tarté
production Araki Films, Poland Studio
producers Eva Vila Purti, Monika Derenda
co-produced by Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals
executive producers Monika Derenda, Eva Vila Purtí
production managers Sandra Garcia, Gisela Cano, Sonsoles Galindo
co-financed by EURIMAGES, ICEC (grant Rządu Katalonii / grant given by the Government of Catalonia), Pica Office, TV3 (Hiszpania/Spain), TVC Televisió de Catalunya

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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