Pilot Pirx’s Inquest

Pilot Pirx’s Inquest


Marek Piestrak

1979, 1 h 35 min

Nearby future. Electronic syndicate designs a model of a ‘nonlinear’ – an android thought competent to substitute man. To verify this information, the UNESCO organises a mission to Saturn, in which Prix, a pilot with an impeccable record, is to assess the usefulness of ‘nonlinears’ for service in space. Prix knows that among his crew, there’s a robot, but he doesn’t know his identity. During the expedition, he tries to find out the truth playing a dangerous game with the anonymous opponent. The “nonlinear”
proves to be a life-threatening danger for the entire crew. Only human weakness can stand against the perfection of artificial creation.

written by Marek Piestrak
director of photography Janusz Pawłowski
music Arvo Pärt, Eugeniusz Rudnik
production design Jerzy Śnieżawski, Wiktor Żyłko
costume design Alicja Wasilewska
make-up Maria Maziarz, Aita Levoll
sound Aleksander Gołębiowski
edited by Roman Kolski
cast Władimir Iwaszow, Aleksandr Kajdanowski, Sergiej Desnitski, Bolesław Abart, Zbigniew Lesień, Tonu Saar
production PRF Zespoły Filmowe, Tallinnfilm
production managers Edward Kłosowicz, Karl Levoll

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Short Film Competition
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