Babis Makridis

2018, 1 h 39 min

A 45-year-old lawyer lives with his teenage son in a well-maintained house. He’s healthy, good-looking and fares well. After a serious accident, his wife has been in a coma in a private clinic for years. The lawyer’s life revolves around the sadness caused by that tragic event. Addicted to compassion, he would do anything to make people feel for him. A bizarre black comedy about a man who only feels happy when he’s unhappy.

written by Babis Makridis, Efthimis Filippou
director of photography Konstantinos Koukoulios
music Mikołaj Trzaska
production design Anna Georgiadou
sound Leandros Ntounis
edited by Yannis Chalkiadakis
cast Yannis Drakopoulos, Evi Saoulidou, Nota Tserniafski, Makis Papadimitriou, Georgina Chryskioti, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Nikos Karathanos
production Neda Film, Faliro House, Madants, Beben Films
producers Amanda Iivanou, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Klaudia Śmieja, Beata Rzeźniczek
co-produced by Onassis Foundation, ERT, Greek Film Center, Studio Produkcyjne ORKA, Film Produkcja, Foss
co-financed by Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej, Eurimages

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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