Play with me

Play with me


Piotr Sułkowski

2010, 0 h 18 min

The story about two young people and a third one interfering. Siergiej’s power both fascinates and scares Ola. She takes up a challenge thrown by a mysterious man. Her internal conflict between a child who needs tenderness and safety and a woman who wants to seduce but most of all to be won only grows.

Written by: Piotr Sułkowski

Director of photography: Wojciech Rytel

Music by: Łukasz Ciszak

Production design by: Marta Ewa Baka

Sound: Sławomir Walczyk

Editing: Filip K. Kasperaszek

Costume design by: Marta Ewa Baka

Make-up: Marta Ewa Baka

Production manager: Tomasz Kucharski, Tatiana Wasilewska

Produced by: Lodz Film School

Distribution: Lodz Film School

Actress in a leading role: Anna Gorajska

Actor in a leading role: Marcin Korcz

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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