Dominik Matwiejczyk

2006, 1 h 34 min

Tomek, a senior student of Physics, falls in love with his friend’s girlfriend. He met her a year ago at a party and if things had turned out differently, he could have been with her now. Unexpectedly, Tomek moves back in time and lands at that party. He’s given a chance to fix his mistake but is rather more interested in the mystery of his time trip. The help comes from Marta whose father is a scientist and works on a gigantic electromagnet capable of bending the space. Tomek and Marta enter his laboratory to solve the mystery and bring Tomek back to his time frame.

Written by: Dominik Matwiejczyk
Director of photography: Paweł Śmietanka
Music by: Radek Fijołek, Adam Fijołek, Andrzej Koper, Bogumił Misala
Production design by: Jacek Stachowski
Costume design by: Barbara Sikorska-Bouffał, Piotr Bouffał
Editing: Dominik Matwiejczyk
Sound: Henryk Szurkowski, Marek Lipiński
Cast: Mateusz Damięcki (Tomek), Kamilla Baar (Julia), Lucyna Piwowarska-Dmytrów (Marta), Krzysztof Zych (Jarek), Małgorzata Foremniak (Marta’s mum), Marek Probosz (Professor Wolański), Wojciech Mecwaldowski (Andrzej Dawid)
Production manager: Marzena Śliwa
Produced by: Telewizja Polska S.A., Śmietanka i Syn, Paradox Film
Executive producer: Paradox Film
Producers: Dominik Matwiejczyk, Paweł Śmietanka, Marzena Śliwa
Distributed by: Vivarto

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