Show Me Love

Show Me Love


Lukas Moodysson


Åmål is a town in a Midwest Sweden. Elin and Agnes are peers and go to a big, bright and well-equipped school. Its students, however, are not really interested in studying. At weekends, they make parties. During the week, they hang around at local McDonald’s or watch TV. Agnes is different than her mates. She sits at the computer, reads books and is not interested in the school supermen. Agnes loves Elin.

Written by: Lukas Moodysson
Director of photography: Ulf Brantås
Music by: Robyn, Broder Daniel, Lars Gullin, Gyllene Tider, Yvonne, Souls
Cast: Alexandra Dahlstrom (Elin), Rebecca Liljeberg (Agnes), Mathias Rust (Johan Hulth), Erica Carlson (Jessica), Stefan Horberg (Markus)
Produced by: Memfis Film, Zentropa Productions, Film I Vast, SVT Drama G teborg, Svenska Filmsinstitutet, Det Danske Filminstitut

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