Soccer Poker

Soccer Poker


Janusz Zaorski

1988, 1 h 41 min
Classic Polish comedy, set in football environment. Fixed matches, corrupted judges, dishonest activists – is this the reality of Polish football league? Intrigue in the film is complicated and full of twists of action as in Guy Ritchie’s films. Great roles by Janusz Gajos, Jan Englert and Marian Opania, and in the background – the reality of the early 1990s: rising capitalism grimed with corruption and frauds.
Written by: Jan Purzycki
Director of photography: Witold Adamek
Music by: Piotr Figiel
Production design by: Jerzy Sajko
Costume design by: Małgorzata Obłoza, Hanna Ćwikło
Editing: Halina Prugar-Ketling
Sound: Ernest Zawada
Cast: Janusz Gajos, Małgorzata Pieczyńska, Marian Opania, Mariusz Dmochowski, Jan Englert, Edward Lubaszenko
Production manager: Tadeusz Lampka
Produced by: ZPPF – Zespół “Dom”
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