Space Elevator

Space Elevator

Returning from a failed exam, a disheartened architecture student ventures into unknown areas of the city where he meets a peer in an astronaut suit who plans to ride an elevator into space. Then, he finds a homeless man sceptical about the “astronaut” and his elevator. Both conversations give the student some food for thought. He recalls being a child and playing with a toy rocket.

directed by: Zuzanna Ciosmak

written by: Zuzanna Ciosmak

director of photography: Daniel Le Hai

production design: Weronika Podgórska, Zuzanna Ciosmak

costume design: Weronika Podgórska

make-up: Paulina Jedlińska

sound: Bartosz Grzybkowski

edited by: Zuzanna Ciosmak

casting by: Zuzanna Ciosmak, Weronika Podgórska

cast: Eryk Kulm Jr, Jakub Warzocha, Stefan Foit

production: Zuzanna Ciosmak

producer: Zuzanna Ciosmak

production manager: Weronika Podgórska

Main Competition
Microbudget Film Competition
Short Film Competition