Summer love


Piotr Uklański

2006, 1 h 33 min

Allegorical western. The action takes place on the Wild West but the film is purely modern. The plot appears to be old as the world: a Man loses a Woman who wants a different life and a Stranger comes to town. But don’t be fooled. The Sheriff, a former soldier and tracer who never parts with his saber, is a loser carrying around his broken heart: drawing hearts pierced by an arrow, drinking extensively and playing his daily masochistic “who-punched-me” game to annoy the Woman. One day, everything changes when a glamourous Stranger in black arrives at the town to collect the reward for the dead body of the Wanted. Unfortunately for him, he gets involved into Sheriff’s masochistic game and loses his money to a constantly drunk but always winning angel of justice. Meanwhile, the angry Woman seduces the Stranger. Jealous Fat Man and other locals aim at the Stanger with their revolvers telling him to drop his gun, but it accidentally fires and hits Fat Man’s crotch. The Stranger flees freely into the mountains and they all go after him, led by the Sheriff on fertile mare.

Written by: Piotr Uklański
Director of photography: Jacek Petrycki
Music by: Karel Holas, India Czajkowska
Production design by: Ewa Skoczkowska
Costume design by: Ewa Helman
Editing: Michael Horton
Sound: Katarzyna Hamela
Cast: Katarzyna Figura (Woman), Bogusław Linda (Sheriff), Karel Roden (Stranger), Val Kilmer (Wanted), Krzysztof Zaleski (Fat Man), Bartosz Żukowski (Blonde Guy)
Production manager: Maciej Skalski
Produced by: Polski Western
Executive producer: MS Films
Producer: Piotr Uklański

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