Summer Not Too Hot

Summer Not Too Hot


Ryszard Maciej Nyczka

2004, 1 h 20 min

All the episodes within the story are connected by the character of a Good Priest. Miss Browned-hair and Miss Blonde set off to a village to sunbathe naked surrounded only by the nature itself. Miss Blonde’s scandalized Uncle tries to call the ladies to order. In vain. For unknown reasons, he demonstrates them a gigantic tomato – the relict of Soviet macrobiology. This demonstration, however, brings further problems. Young Authoress asks Publisher to accept her book. She loves everything that’s small: the life of fish, beetles and snails are far more important for her than the complaints of the real Ghost of Forest. Count comes back to his mansion. Long ago, his ancestors ran away from Communists to Africa so no wonder his skin is black as ebony. Miss Blonde’s Uncle buys from an illegal Salesman a portable nuclear bomb and sets off to Warsaw. Will somebody stop the madman?

Written by: Ryszard Maciej Nyczka
Director of photography: Paweł Wendorff
Music by: Piotr Wiśniewski
Production design by: Marlena Skoneczko
Set decorator: Marlena Skoneczko
Costume design by: Marlena Skoneczko
Make-up: Monika Piskorowska, Dominika Zasadzińska
Editing: Ludomira Burzec, Aleksandra Gruziel, Bartosz Iłowski
Cast: Wojciech Starostecki (Good Priest), Katarzyna Ankudowicz (Miss Blonde), Beata Dorff (Beautiful Miss from the Station), Magdalena Gnatowska (Cone Photographer), Magdalena Karel (She-devil), Aleksandra Kisio (Miss Browned-hair), Violetta Kołakowska (Authoress), Marta Kownacka (Blonde’s Aunt), Karolina Lutczyn (Violetka), Monika Piskorowska (Marzenka), Krzysztof Baumiller (Ghost of Forest), Wojtek Biedroń (Blonde’s Uncle), Janusz Grudziński (Guitar Player), Tomasz Jarski (History Teacher), Sławomir Jóźwik (Publisher), Paweł Luwau (Count), Robert Sikorski (Salesman)
Produced by: Ryszard Maciej Nyczka, Paweł Wendorff
Distributed by: open

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