In a poorly furnished room (a bed, a table, a chair, a cradle), one after another, Rybczyński’s figures-fetishes show up: a boy with a balloon, a pair of lovers, an old lady, a dog, an alcoholic, a sportsman, a naked girl, etc. A wild counting-out rhyme: at least 30 persons possessed by doing the same tasks all over again, constantly crossing but never meeting each other. And when one of the persons tries to turn on the light, she falls down with a comic scream, paralysed with electricity. The finale: a gradual and invisible vanishing of all the persons; only the old lady in black remains, who wakes up from a strange dream.

Film description from FilmPolski.pl service.


Grand Prix and the Audience Award at Annecy and Hueska festivals
Grand Prix and FIPRESCI award in Oberhausen
The Main Award at the Short Films Festival in Krakow
Jury distinction for the technical novelty and the audience award in Ottawa
Award for the Best Animated Film in Tamperee

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