Łukasz Jaworski

2005, 0 h 19 min

Three young people wake up in a seemingly normal apartment. The day before, there was a birthday party. Now they realize that none of them knows its owner or the address and it’s very important for the door is locked and it’s impossible to leave the place. They start to look for a way out.

Written by: Łukasz Jaworski
Director of photography: Tomasz Naumiak
Music by: Tomasz Zatorski
Production design by: Robert Dąbrowski
Editing: Wojtek Włodarski
Sound: Leszek Freund
Cast: Sylwia Gliwa, Adam Szyszkowski, Piotr Borowski
Production manager: Paweł Szmaus
Produced by: Łukasz Jaworski
Producers: Łukasz Jaworski

Main Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe