The film inspired by Tarjei Vessas’s short story “The Wild Rider”. Jerzy, a writer whose creativity has burned out, lives far away from a city with his wife Maria and their 7-year-old son Jasiek. The long-lasting artistic crisis and accompanying financial problems result in a growing distance between the spouses whose love faded away. One day, they learn that Jasiek is ill and has to be operated in the city. For the boy, the trip means the long-awaited visit in a car toy shop. For the parents – a time of anxiety and parting that brings once again the reflection on their relationship.

Written by: Adam Guziński (based on a short story by Tarjei Vessas)
Director of photography: Jolanta Dylewska
Production design by: Anna Wunderlich
Costume design by: Aneta Flis
Editing: Cezary Kowalczuk, Adam Guziński
Sound: Jan Freda
Cast: Piotr Bajor (Jerzy), Aleksandra Justa (Maria), Krzysztof Lis (Janek), Krzysztof Radkowski (Tomasz), Władysław Kowalski (department head), Anna Seniuk (old nurse), Teresa Sawicka (emergency room nurse), Małgorzata Hajewska (confectionery saleswoman), Bartłomiej Bobrowski (young writer), Stanisław Penksyk (bus driver), Tadeusz Madeja (old man in a bus)
Production manager: Jacek Gawryszczak
Produced by: Opus Film
Co-produced by: Polish Television Film Agency, Polish Film Institute
Executive producer: Marcin Adamczewski
Producers: Piotr Dzięcioł, Łukasz Dzięcioł
World sales: Telewizja Polska S.A.- Biuro Współpracy Międzynarodowej i Handlu

Main Competition
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