The Hamster

The Hamster


Bartek Ignaciuk

2011, 0 h 30 min
One night a hamster called Przemek falls down from a high floor of an old house. Przemek is a beloved pet of two elderly people – Mrs Maria and Mr Wacław. A shocked couple finds Przemek in a dustbin under their window. The hamster is wearing a parachute made of tissue and has a helmet made of a deodorant cap on its head. It is barely alive. The author of the experiment proves to be a grandson of the elderly couple – 9-year-old Krzyś who was left in his grandparents house for a weekend by his parents. That event, trivial on the surface, will stir the life of the small society. A local Vet, Policeman and innocent pet shop assistant get into trouble. After watching this film everyone will ask himself a question: how much a hamster is worth?

Written by: Bartek Ignaciuk
Director of photography: Marek Sanak
Music by: Jan Komar
Production design by: Janusz Mazurczak
Sound: Sergiusz Oczkowski
Editing: Wojciech Włodarski
Costume design: Maria Górska
Make-up: Mirela Zawiszewska
Cast: Marcin Perchuć, Paweł Wilczak, Karolina Piechota, Magdalena Celówna-Janikowska
Production manager: Jarosław Frontczak
Produced by: Polish Filmmakers Association / Munk Studio
Producer: Jacek Bromski, Dariusz Gajewski, Ewa Jastrzębska – SFP/ Munk Studio
Co-produced by: Film Produkcja
Executive producer: Film Produkcja – Eliza Oczkowska
Distributed by: Polish Filmmakers Association – Munk Studio
World sales: Polish Filmmakers Association – Munk Studio

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Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
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