The Heart of the Mountains

The Heart of the Mountains


Rafał M. Lipka

2004, 1 h 13 min

Awaited by his loving wife Heather, young merchant Duncan comes back from a long expedition to recover the holy stone – the Heart of the Mountains – from the infidel. During the celebration of their happy return, the people of Skaar attack the village, steal the stone and kidnap beautiful Heather. Duncan plans to save her alone, but the local Druid advises him to ask for help Heather’s brother Weronar who had been banished for unknown reasons. Duncan sets off on a journey, but not everything goes according to his plan.

Director of photography: Jacek Bassa, Bartosz Wawrzynowicz
Music by: Carrantuohill
Production design by: Tomasz Biernawski
Costume design by: Tomasz Biernawski
Make-up: Monika Neubart, Jola Figiel
Editing: Krzysztof Szpetmański
Sound: Wojciech Ślusarz
Cast: Tomasz Bednarek (Duncan), Radosław Pazura (Weronar), Olga Bończyk (Heather), Michał Żurawski (Skaar), Mirosław Zbrojewicz (Gabin), Piotr Łukaszczyk (Kamyk), Sławomir Orzechowski (Drak), Tomasz Schimscheiner (Herbalist), Tomasz Kalczyński (Tefat), Robert Janowski (Galtor)
Production managers: Rafał M. Lipka, Jola Lipka
Produced by: RML Entertainment
Producer: Rafał M. Lipka
Distributed by: open

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