The Invisibles

The Invisibles


Paweł Sala

2017, 1 h 40 min

One day of work of three female workers of a gloomy sewing room located in the basement of an old tenement. The sewing ladies differ in terms of age and world view. Each of them hides a dark secret. At work, they are accompanied by Krojczy, a graduate of philosophical studies and a mysterious stranger – Maria Miracle. A catalizator in resolving the secrets of the women becomes a damp patch at the moldy wall, which grows during the day and takes on increasingly bothering shapes. Other tragedies are hidden in a dustbin outside and in the floor of the sewing room, from which human moans, cries and calls can be heard alongside the sounds of the sewing machines… Tragedy is combined with grotesque and black humour here.

based on the drama by Paweł Sala
director of photography Arkadiusz Tomiak PSC
music Marcin Krzyżanowski
production design Andrzej Haliński
set decorator Teresa Gruber
costume design Ilona Binarsch
make-up Anna Dąbrowska
sound Agata Chodyra
edited by Ireneusz Grzyb
cast Halina Rasiakówna, Natalia Rybicka, Sandra Korzeniak, Paweł Dobek, Aleksandra Popławska, Franciszek Grabski
production Lightcraft
producers Daniel Markowicz, Piotr Galon
co-produced by Skopia Film, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych, Ideal
co-producers Włodzimierz Niderhaus, Darek S. Szendel
production manager Sylwia Rajdaszka
co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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