The Man Who Was The Clarinet

The Man Who Was The Clarinet


Tushar Prakash

2010, 0 h 20 min

The film tells a story about a clarinetist who composes a song for his lover. Irek, a musician, falls in love with Magda. He starts writing for his beloved one a theme of dire consequences. Magda, seeing Irek’s obsession with the music, decides to leave him. The sadness of a break-up and the help of a drug-addict drummer make Irek stop composing. It turns out that to his doom the music takes control over his life and it may be so forever.

Written by: Tushar Prakash

Director of photography: Joaquin Del Paso Puente

Music by: Aleksandra Gowin

Production design by: Maria Skrzypińska

Sound: Lucyna Wielopolska

Editing: Piotr Urban

Costume design by: Inez Piątkiewicz

Make-up: Inez Piątkiewcz

Production manager: Katarzyna Zuterek

Produced by: Lodz Film School

Producer: Lodz Film School

Actress in a leading role: Ewelina Kudeń

Actor in a leading role: Ireneusz Grzyb

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

Movie - Festival Programme

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