The Men’s Room

The Men’s Room


Petter Sommer, Jo Vemud Svendsen

2018, 1 h 15 min

Norway, 2016. A choir of twenty-five middle-aged men are supposed to open for the Black Sabbath concert. They once joked that if one of them died, they would sing together at his funeral. It turns out that Ivar, who has directed the choir for many years, is the first one to go. Despite his cancer diagnosis and worsening condition, he won’t stop preparations for the show. The film tells the story of a shared passion, brusque male friendship and being together in the darkest hour.

selected awards

Krakow Film Festival 2019: Audience Award
Festival de Cannes 2018: screening in the Short Film Corner
College Television Awards 2018: College Emmy for Best Audio/Sound, Best Editor, Best Narrative Film and Best Photography

written by Petter Sommer, Jo Vemud Svendsen
director of photography Petter Sommer, Jo Vemud Svendsen
music Martin Horntveth
sound Christian Schaanning
edited by Petter Sommer, Jo Vemud Svendsen
casting by Petter Sommer, Jo Vemund Svendsen
cast Knut Akselsen, Nils Andersen, Lars Tefre Baade, Svein Bjørge, Ask Brantenberg Cold, Aslak Dørum, Runar Eggesvik, Ivar Eidem, Sven Erga, Even Finsrud, Espen Fredenlund, Marit Gjervan, Rune Gokstad, Thomas Hagen, Prepple Houmb, Ivar Krogh Hovd, Hasse Lindmo, Mikael Lindqvist, Harald Lunde, Gunnar Martinsen, Ivar Nergaard, Håkon Normann, Jo Raknes, Terje Ranes, Terje Rangnes, Geir Schau, Paal Ritter Schjerven, Øyvind Ørbeck Sørheim, Espen Thoresen, Trond Tornes, Torkil Torsvik, Steinar Vikan
production Fuglene
producer Gundmundur Gunnarsson, Kari Anne Moe
co-produced by Arte/ZDF
executive producer Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Kari Anne Moe (Fuglene)
production manager Gudmundur Gunnarsson, Kari Anne Moe
co-financed by The Norwegian Film Institute, The South Norwegian Film fund, Xtrastiftelsen, The Norwegian Cancer Association, ARTE/ZDF, Fuglene
distributed by Saejeong Kwak (Wide House)

Main Competition
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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