The simple story about love

The simple story about love


Arkadiusz Jakubik

2010, 1 h 20 min

On a train to Hel, two screenwriters tell us a story about a man and a woman. Right in front of the audience, they try to create a plot of a screenplay – a simple story about love. And so we have a woman (Marta), a man (Aleks) and the record of how they met on the first day of holidays in a train from Łódź Kaliska to Hel. Aleks and Marta begin to talk. At first about nothing because their chat stays on a surface, easily jumps from topic to topic and seems to be painfully trivial. As the time passes, it turns into something more. Suddenly, director’s exclamation (Patryk) interferes with the intimacy of this meeting and the growing feeling. We are on a film set.

Written by: Maciej Sobieszczański

Operator zdjęć: Mirosław Jakubik

Music by: Jarosław Wójcik

Production design by: Włodzimierz Szyrle

Sound: Jacek Kuśmierczyk

Editing: Paweł Laskowski

Costume design by: Agnieszka Kaczyńska, Liliana Zabłocka

Make-up: Magdalena Kakietek, Aleksandra Dutkiewicz

Production manager: Wiesław Łysakowski

Produced by: Studio Filmowe Tramway

Producer: Wiesław Łysakowski, Arkadiusz Jakubik

Co-produced by: Monternia, Kino Polska, Teatr na Woli, Studio Melange

Distribution: SPI International Polska

Actress in a leading role: Magdalena Popławska

Actor in a leading role: Rafał Maćkowiak

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