The Story of Sin

The Story of Sin


Walerian Borowczyk

1975, 2 h 4 min

In 2023, we celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of one of the most extraordinary and controversial creators in the history of film art – Walerian Borowczyk. This Polish director of feature and animated films, graphic artist, screenwriter, production designer and author left his mark in the film world with auteur solutions, provocative content and outstanding aesthetics.

Born on 2nd September 1923 in Kwilcz, he started as a painter and drawer but quickly became interested in cinema and animation. Though short, his first animated films were praised for their surrealistic and expressive imagery. He made them with awe-inspiring precision and ingenuity, yet their themes sparked controversy.

In 1968, Borowczyk directed his first feature film, Goto, Island of Love, and it is in feature film that he was soon to become most successful. His pictures, however, provoking controversy and struggling with censorship, gained much acclaim from critics for their psychological depth, aesthetics and unique artistry. He often used symbols and metaphors to depict various aspects of human life and nature.

One of his most important films that became his trademark was The Beast (La Bête, 1975). Though scandalous, it drew everyone’s attention to Borowczyk’s talent to combine sensuality with deep artistic meaning. He also shot such prominent films as Blanche (1971), The Story of Sin (1975) and Emmanuelle 5 (1987).

Borowczyk received numerous prestigious awards, and his works were highly acclaimed at international festivals. His unparalleled artistic sense and fearless exploration of social issues and human desires won him over cinema connoisseurs worldwide.

One must acknowledge his contribution to animation as well. Borowczyk experimented with multiple techniques, creating unconventional and original works. His animated films often speak of human emotion, relationships and abstract concepts, making them timeless. They are still studied and remain a source of inspiration for young filmmakers.

The world lost this outstanding director in 2006. Still, his films, courage to tackle controversial issues, innovative approach to filmmaking and artistic prowess continue to spark discussions and inspire future generations of filmmakers. The 100th anniversary of Walerian Borowczyk’s birthday is an opportunity to celebrate his heritage and explore his impact on world cinema.


The Story of Sin

Ewa falls in love with a man who rents a room from her parents, but Łukasz can’t get a divorce. Seeing the impending trouble, Ewa’s mother talks him into moving out of the city, but the girl won’t give up. When she learns that her lover is in hospital, she puts everything aside to visit him, but their joy is short-lived. Łukasz leaves, and each decision Ewa makes brings her one step closer to a tragedy. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Stefan Żeromski.

written by: Walerian Borowczyk

director of photography: Zygmunt Samosiuk

music: Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Johann Pachelbel

production design: Teresa Barska

costume design: Jerzy Szeski

make up: Zbigniew Dobracki, Jan Płażewski, Zofia Macińska

sound: Jan Czerwiński

edited by: Lidia Pacewicz

cast: Grażyna Długołęcka, Jerzy Zelnik, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Roman Wilhelmi, Marek Walczewski

production: Zespół Filmowy Tor

production manager: Helena Nowicka

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