The swing

The swing


Tomasz Lewkowicz

2009, 1 h 34 min

Michał is married to a beautiful Anna and has an adorable daughter. Together they make a picture of a perfect, loving and happy family. However, Michał hides something. He falls in love with Karolina, a fashion designer, and keeps an affair in secret, swinging between the two worlds. The young girl is a complete opposite of Anna. One day, the situation complicates: the wife suspects his unfaithfulness and the mistress gives him an ultimatum. Michał faces a tough choice. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody but at the same time he refuses to give up on love…

Directed by: Tomasz Lewkowicz

Written by: Tomasz Lewkowicz, Szymon Gonera

Director of photography: Mariusz Palej

Production design by: Marta Skajnowska

Costume design by: Małgorzata Ajzelt

Music by: Gerard Lebik

Sound: Piotr Bielawski

Editing: Jarosław Barzan

Make-up: Justyna Zaranek

Production manager: Paweł Pluciński

Executive producer: Paweł Pluciński

Producer: Katarzyna Komińczyk

Produced by: Pro Cinema

Actress in a leading role: Joanna Pietrzak-Orleańska, Karolina Gorczyca

Actor in a leading role: Wojciech Zieliński

Actresses in supporting roles: Viola Arlak, Karolina Piechota

Actors in supporting roles: Leon Charewicz, Dobromir Dymecki

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