Bogusław Kornaś

2017, 1 h 23 min

The construction of a Machine which will help the City defeat the enemy and decide on the war, ongoing for a few years, is coming to an end. The engineers are frantically making the last tests. The work is taking all of them and destroying their personal lives. Blinded with the idea of becoming equal to Godly work, they do not see the danger. A mysterious Monk warns them against the rebellion of the Machine. Conflicts arise between the constructors, and the future of the undertaking becomes questionable when mysterious murders take place in the City. Inspired with the German expressionism, the convention of mute cinema is combined with elements of science fiction and horror.

The film is the debut of the director.

written by Bogusław Kornaś, Grzegorz Stokłosa

director of photography Bogusław Kornaś
music Tomasz Boruch
production design Grzegorz Stokłosa, Bogusław Kornaś
costume design Bogusław Kornaś
make-up Izabella Wielgus
sound Radosław Tadel
digital processing Mateusz Kijak
edited by Bogusław Kornaś
cast Grzegorz Stokłosa, Małgorzata Stankowska, Robert Żurek, Jerzy Pal, Przemysław Sejmicki, Rafał Halski, Jan Mancewicz, Tomasz Żak, Anna Lenczewska, Mateusz Żelazo
producers Bogusław Kornaś, Grzegorz Stokłosa
co-produced by Fundacja Skene Pro Arte
co-producers Ewa Rączy, Łukasz Niezgoda
production managers Bogusław Kornaś, Grzegorz Stokłosa, Ewa Rączy, Łukasz Niezgoda
co-financed by Miasto Tarnów
dystrybucja Fundacja Skene Pro Arte

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Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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