Jacek Borcuch

2004, 1 h 32 min

The story about the friendship between three 60-year-old men who haven’t noticed that rushing through the life they have already reached its end. Certain circumstances make the think. They change priorities, make maybe the last important decisions and carry out neglected plans. A bit sentimental but optimistic story about the love of life and coming to terms with its passing contrasted with the idealized world of higher values.

Written by: Jacek Borcuch
Director of photography: Damian Pietrasik
Music by: Daniel Bloom
Production design by: Elwira Pluta
Costume design by: Marzena Wardzyk, Magda Maciejewska
Editing: Magda Mikołajczyk
Sound: Lech Brański, Olga Budziewska
Cast: Jan Nowicki (Mother), Zygmunt Malanowicz (Little Man), Tadeusz Pluciński (Lolek), Andrzej Chyra (Kid), Małgorzata Braunek (Marianna), Ilona Ostrowska (Ola)
Production manager: Daria Stasiak
Produced by: RATS
Co-produced by: Studio Filmowe “Tor”, Film IT
Producer: Piotr Audycki
Distributed by: SPInka
World sales: open

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