WFDiF. Part I

WFDiF. Part I


Jerzy Bossak, Jarosław Brzozowski, Kazimierz Karabasz, Jan Łomnicki, Władysław Ślesicki, Andrzej Brzozowski, Tomasz Zygadło, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Marcel Łoziński

1979, 1 h 59 min

The Documentary and Feature Film Studios at 21 Chełmska Street in Warsaw is a legendary institution, where Polish films have been made for 70 years. The jubilee is an opportunity to present during the the most important achievements, body of work, and the history of the Studios.

We invite you to four unique shows – each consisting of different selected documentary and feature films made over several decades. The screenings at the Gdynia Film Centre will be enriched by a introduction by Andrzej Bukowiecki.

Founded in 1949, initially as a documentary film production centre and the Polish Film Chronicle, WFDIF quickly became an important centre for feature film. Currently, the Documentary and Feature Film Studios in Warsaw is the largest film production centre in Poland and a thriving cultural institution. The 70th anniversary of WFDiF is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.


Warszawa 1956 (documentary,
1956, dir. Jerzy Bossak i Jarosław Brzozowski, 9 minutes)

Muzykanci (documentary,
1960, dir. Kazimierz Karabasz, 9 minutes)

Narodziny statku
(documentary, 1961, dir. Jan Łomnicki, 9 minutes)

Płyną tratwy (documentary,
1962, dir. Władysław Ślesicki, 19 minutes)

To jest jajko (documentary,
1965, dir. Andrzej Brzozowski, 14 minutes)

Szkoła podstawowa
(documentary, 1971, dir. Tomasz Zygadło, 17 minutes)

Siedem kobiet w
różnym wieku
(documentary, 1978, dir. Krzysztof Kieślowski, 16 minutes)

(documentary, 1979, dir. Marcel Łoziński, 16 minutes)

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