Jacek Bromski – Paweł Huelle and the premiere of the 20. issue of Bliza: “Cooking Culture”

Jacek Bromski – Paweł Huelle and the premiere of the 20. issue of Bliza: “Cooking Culture”

In the 3. (20.) 2014 issue of “Bliza” entitled “Cooking Culture”, we write about the cooking art as a vehicle and sign of a wider culture. Cooking, which on the one hand belongs to the most widespread sphere, the exact profanum of our existence, on the other hand can brilliantly tell of the human spirituality. In the twentieth issue of Bliza, the following people’s tales are told: Piotr Adamczewski, Robert Makłowicz, Paweł Huelle, Adam Wiedemann, Andrzej Grzyb or Monika Samsel-Chojnacka, as well as “Kuchenne egzekucje Magdy Gessler”. Jacek Bromski, the radio presenter, screenwriter ad director will be a special guest of the promotional meeting.

18 September 2014 (Thursday), 6.00 p.m., InfoBox Gdynia, free entrance

The historical and geographical variability of cooking is enormous, as is its vulnerabiity to globalisation. Each and every time and space, cooking culture functions on different shelves. Cooking also leaves permanent tracks in literature, paintings, films and other forms of art. Just as through an analysis of other fields of art, we can also base on cooking in order to specify the features of nations, communities, groups and individuals. We cannot omit the presence of the topic in the television. As in a good cooking book, we will try to define the ingredients that we are made of as the inhabitants of various nations and cultural circles.

“Bliza” is a first in the history artistic magazine published in Gdynia. It has been issued since Novmber 2009. “Bliza” tries to unite the high, nationwide cultural level with showing important local events and personalities. As an artistic magazine, it presents phenomena from various fields of art: plastic arts, music, theatre, film, literature, architecture. It is also interested in the customs and semiotics of reality.

Editors: Paweł Huelle – editor-in-chief; Adam Kamiński – editing office secretary; Piotr Millati –  essay editor; Wojciech Boros – poetry editor, Magda Danaj – pictures.