Andrzej Płocki

Art director. Born in Warsaw. Graduate from Interior Design and Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1958). The member of the legendary Student Satirical Theatre. Płocki made his first steps in film as the assistant of art director Bolesław Kamykowski on the set of “Pills for Aurelia” and his few other projects. Designer of the interiors for “Gold Dreams” and “How to Be Loved” Directed by Wojciech Jerzy Has. As an independent art director and a costume designer, he debuted in “The Law and the Fist” Directed by Jerzy Hoffman and Edward Skórzewski. Co-worked on the set of Wajda’s “Ashes”. Author of set design for numerous cinema and television films. Worked with Jan Łomnicki (“Contribution”, “Modrzejewska”), Janusz Morgenstern (“We Have to Kill This Love”), Wojciech Solarz (“Third Border”, “Endless Meadows”, “Legend of the Tatras”), Kazimierz Kutz (“The Beads of One Rosary”), Kazimierz Karabasz (“A Looming Shadow”), Henryk Kluba (“The Star Wormwood”), Krzysztof Kieślowski (“The Scar”) and Ryszard Ber (“The Doll” TV series). Thanks to him, the TV cycle of adaptions of the classical Russian short stories by Stanisław Lenartowicz (“The Fatalist”, “The Postmaster”, “Monster”) acquired a pleasing visual twist. As a contributing art director, he participated in the creation of the magical world of Wojciech J. Has’s films (2nd art director in “The Doll”, art director in “The Hourglass Sanatorium”). Actor in “Balzac’s Great Love” and “Endless Meadows” Directed by Solarz. In Has’s “The Doll”, he played a role of Henryk Szlangbaum. Recently, Płocki co-worked with Magdalena Dipont on the art direction of a TV series “Stacyjka” (“The Little Station”) Directed by Radosław Piwowarski. The works for “Meir Ezofowicz” are in progress. Winner of the award for the art direction in the film “The Hourglass Sanatorium” at the 1st Polish Film Festival in Gdansk (1974). As the member of the crew, he also accepted the Chairman of Radio and Television Committee Award for the TV series “The Doll” (1979).