Piotr Reisch

Distributor and producer. Graduate from the City University of New York, Baruch College (MBA).

Born in 1966 in Olsztyn. Between 1985–1989, a student of Foreign Trade at the Warsaw School of Economics. In 1989, he left for New York. Worked as, e.g., a yellow taxi driver, waiter, construction worker, security guard and journalist. In 1994, he was a member of the American department of “Super Express” newspaper, wrote press coverages and articles and co-organized artistic events for the Polish diaspora (film festivals, concerts). Since 1995, the editor in chief of a newspaper. In 1997, the sales manager at the New Films International in New York responsible for licensing of feature films and documentaries in Eastern and Middle Europe and co-operation with TV stations and distributors in terms of programing and selection of film repertoire.

Currently, the president of the SPI International Polska, SPInka, Luna and SPI Video. SPI is responsible for mainstream productions and SPInka for the promotion of artistic, independent and festival cinema. In 2001, he created FILMOSRADA – the first Polish traveling film festival. Since 2002, the head of “Luna” cinema in Warsaw attempting to make it the most interesting artistic film spot in the capital. For the last five years, he’s introduced to Polish cinemas over 120 titles (“Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”, “Chicago”, “Hours”, “Frida”, “Lost in Translation”, “The Body”, “Eddie”, “Symmetry”, “Angelus”). For the last two years, focused on producing and co-producing (feature films: “The Wedding”, “Symmetry”, “Chaos”; documentaries: “The Star”, “Show business in Poland” and others). Currently, Reich is working on the structure of a new film studio, the first SPI international co-productions, 3D feature animations and comedies.