Damian Kocur

2018, 0 h 27 min

It is 1410. One of the greatest battles of the medieval Europe. Tension between the Polish Kingdom and the Teutonic Order is at its peak. A knight and his squire respond to the call of King Wladyslaw Jagiello and travel around the Polish land to turn up at the fields of Grunwald. Humor is mixed with history, social commentary and a story about… Don Quichote and Sancho Pansa.

written by Damian Kocur
director of photography Damian Kocur
production design Agata Adamus
make-up Paulina Szyszka
sound Jakub Jerszyński
edited by Damian Kocur, Jerzy Zawadzki
casting by Damian Kocur
cast Ariel Makara, Paweł B.
production Gigant Films
producer Radosław Drabik, Michał Chaciński
production manager Paula Patocka

Main Competition
Konkurs Inne Spojrzenie
Short Film Competition
Sekcje pozakonkursowe