Wojciech Has

1964, 2 h 57 min

Alfons van Worden, a young captain of the King of Spain’s guard travels alone through the wild mointains of the Sierra Morena. During his stay at an inn, he meets two Mauritanian princesses who tell him that as a descendand of a powerful Gomelez dynasty he was chosen to make great deeds. Firstly, however, he has to prove his courage, integrity and honor. Alfons gets involved into unbelievable events. He’s stalked by posessed hangmen and pursued by the Inquisition…

A stylish costume comedy, cloak-and-dagger film and a farity tale with ghosts, hangmen and posessed princesses.

Based on a novel by Jan Potocki – the 18th-century poet, philosopher, soldier, traveller and visionary.

Directed by: Wojciech Has

Written by: Tadeusz Kwiatkowski

Director of photography: Mieczysław Jahoda

Music by: Krzysztof Penderecki

Production design by: Jerzy Skarżyński, Tadeusz Myszorek

Costume design by: Lidia Skarżyńska, Jerzy Skarżyński

Siund: Bohdan Bieńskowski

Cast: Zbigniew Cybulski, Iga Cembrzyńska, Elżbieta Czyżewska, Gustaw Holoubek, Stanisław Igar

Produced by: Zespół Filmowy Kamera

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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