Beloved Neighbours

Beloved Neighbours


 Michał Grzybowski

2021, 1 h 15 min

A comedy of errors about the life of two married couples. Michał and Ewa live a steady life with good jobs and a second bun in the oven. Kasia and Bartek are facing a serious financial crisis. Unexpectedly for all, in an argument, Kasia reveals to her husband that she slept with Michał. In one moment, love and friendship come into question. Financial and emotional dependencies peppered with seemingly innocent lies fan the flames of misunderstanding. The heat in the room becomes unbearable. Absurd mixes with affection. On top of that, the police, debt collectors and a nosy neighbour get involved in the marriage dispute. Chaos intensifies multiplying ridiculous situations until the tragic end – a chance for the couples to save both love and friendship.

written byMichał Grzybowski, Tomasz Walesiak
director of photographyMateusz Skalski, Małgorzata Szyłak
music Marcin Mirowski
production designTomasz Walesiak
costume designAlicja Antoszczyk
make-upKarolina Syndonin
soundArtur Walaszczyk
edited byIrek Grzyb
cast Agnieszka Dulęba-Kasza, Julia Wyszyńska, Marcin Dorociński, Dobromir Dymecki
productionSQUARE film studio
producersTatiana Matysiak, Magdalena Borowiec
co-produced byTelewizja Polska
production managerMaria Leźnicka
co-financed byPolski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

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Short Film Competition
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