Jacek Bromski

2011, 2 h 5 min

“Entanglement” is an action thriller that speaks openly about the things that people do not even want to whisper about…
What has to happen for an ordinary person to become a killer?
Can you kill someone in a half-hypnotic trance and not remember about it the next day? A cynical police officer, Smolar (Marek Bukowski), and a stubborn prosecutor, Agata Szacka (Maja Ostaszewska), come from two different worlds but they are bound together by a passionate past. Although they are poles apart, they need to combine their skills to solve the mystery of a murder. Carrying out the most difficult investigation in their carriers, the pair will come across stories that for years were supposed to be legends, but surprisingly may be true…

Written by: Jacek Bromski, Juliusz Machulski
Polish Title: Uwikłanie
Director of Photography: Marcin Koszałka
Music: Ludek Drizhal
Production Design by: Ryszard Melliwa
Sound: Jan Freda
Film Editing: Krzysztof Szpetmański
Costumes: Barbara Łagowska
Make-up: Janusz Kaleja
Production Manager: Ewa Jastrzębska
Produced by: Studio Filmowe Zebra
Producer: Juliusz Machulski
Co-produced by: ITI Ciemna, Canal+, Krakowskie biuro Festiwalowe
Executive Producer: Wojciech Danowski
Distribution: ITI Cinema
Country & Year of Production: Poland 2011
Main Male Part: Marek Bukowski
Main Female Part: Maja Ostaszewska
Supporting Male Part: Andrzej Seweryn, Piotr Adamczyk
Supporting Female Part: Danuta Stenka
Length: 125 min.

Main Competition
Konkurs Młodego Kina
Przegląd Polskiego Kina Niezależnego
Sekcje pozakonkursowe

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